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Welcome to Jordan

Curated by local expert Sunny


Jordan has all of the ingredients for a memorable and meaningful trip: rich history and culture, incredible landscapes, archeological sites still being unearthed, community-based activities, flavorful food and arts both traditional and contemporary.

Umm Qais to Wadi Rum

There are innumerable opportunities to connect to locals in Jordan, thanks to an increasing number of social enterprises and local expert-led activities that will help outdoor enthusiasts see another side of the country.

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Explore Sunny's Jordan

Sunny Fitzgerald

Get to know our local expert Sunny

I’ve been traveling and living around the world for nearly 20 years, and while I always find something to love and to learn about every place, my first visit to Jordan made such an impact on me that I returned multiple times within a few months, eventually moving here and even hiking more than 650 km (404 miles) across the country, from top to bottom.

Map of Jordan Itinerary

Jordan remains one of my favorite destinations for travelers who love outdoor adventures, enjoy archeological wonders and appreciate the chance to learn about a place through people and experiences. And Jordan’s small size means you can fit a fair amount into your trip. Here are some of the best stops on a multi-day north-to-south itinerary. Driving will give you the most freedom to go at your own pace, but if you prefer to let someone else take the wheel (I won’t blame you, as driving in Jordan is not for the faint of heart), there are several locally owned tour operators that can customize an itinerary for you.


Umm Qais

Culture - Nature - Hands-on experiences

The slow pace and welcoming people in this village near Jordan’s northernmost border make it an ideal place to begin your journey. Northern Jordan is also home to the ancient Greco-Roman ruins of Gadara, the unique flora and fauna of Yarmouk Forest Reserve and the starting point of the Jordan Trail.

Umm Qais and the surrounding area have so much to offer that you’ll likely want to stay at least a couple of days. There are locally led hikes, cycling tours and camping for the outdoor adventurers; storytelling experiences in Gadara for the history buffs; foraging, beekeeping, olive harvesting and cooking classes for the foodies; and stonemasonry and basket weaving for those interested in traditional arts. (Maybe you’ll need to stay a couple of weeks.)

When you’re ready to hit the road, drive toward Amman with a stop in Jerash, located about halfway between Umm Qais and Amman.

Umm Qais-Gadara, ruins of ancient Jewish and Roman city.
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